Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome, all of our respected visitors/reader to the privacy policy page of like you know showing all the statement, commitment and rules regulation of a company organization even a website are describing in privacy policy statement. That is why we made an outline to be clear with you and clear ourselves our work and other policy terms.

First of all, we make sure all the information of our visitors is top in priority to secure them including the members of technologish who have subscribed. Second of all, we use cooking, bookmarks, and some default apps to monitor our site which may/may not collect visitor’s information very acquitted purpose. And finally, we are liable for any third-party’s action who post ads, in our site.

So, make the more understanding let’s get elaborate these three factors. Have a look below.

What collect mostly?

To maintain the websites technical work, only collect information of log files, browser type, IP address of a visitors, time date etc. Also, it may collect browsing history, click numbers, ISP too. All these data useful for analyzing different trends, security, etc. to make future decisions or planning for the site. These are not collect for personal use or utilize them in future wrongly.

Privacy Policies of Third Party

Third parties mean those who post adds or share our link on their site do not come with any policy of this site. All their actions are followed by their own rules and regulations. Technologish is not liable for them. so, if they occur any bad actions which harass visitors or violate any laws, our site will not responsible for them just because of their ads or post on our site. We only allow them for site profits nothing else.

Web Beacons & Cookies uses web beacons and cookies maintain some basic things like user info or preferences just for customizing some future actions. Also, search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. use cookies to serve ads on the site. Our site needs to use web cookies and beacons to maintain many important kinds of stuff. Such as user preferences, information etc. also, every search engine uses cookies to show adds every site. So we have to bear their cookies as well in our site. If you don’t wish to see these cookies than you can simply turn off by going to your browser setting.

Children’s Information:

Note that, the site never collects user information without their acknowledgment. Also, our site doesn’t take any subscription/membership people under 16. So, if you find your child who is in this age range and using this site with the membership than you can inform us. With appropriate evidence we will surely take care of this matter.

So, that is all about the privacy policy of the site. If need any more information or need to clarify any matter, please feel free to inform. We will sincerely discuss the matter with you. Also, if you have any objection any of these terms and condition let us know through the contact page of